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* Gaspar's Super Sampler
* Portuguese Easter Sweetbread with 2 Hard Boiled Eggs
* Portuguese Homestyle Cooking Cookbook (new revised & updated ed.) by Ana Patuleia Ortins
* Portuguese Mini Easter Sweetbread with 1 Hard Boiled Egg (6 Pack)
* The Foods of Portugal Cookbook
Antonio's Portuguese All Spice 4 oz.
Autocrat Coffee Syrup 32 oz. bottle
Baked Linguica
Bolos Levedos Portuguese Muffins 14 oz.
Bom Petisco Cheese 16 oz.
Cabbage Soup
Chourico Sandwiches (Fried or Boiled)
Coffee Time Coffee Syrup 16 oz.
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Eclipse Coffee Syrup 16 oz.
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Gaspar's 50/50 Gift Pack
Gaspar's A Taste of Old Portugal Gift Pack
Gaspar's Andouille 1 Lb.
Gaspar's Bite Size Linguica 1 lb.
Gaspar's Chorizos 1 lb. (Mexican Sausage)
Gaspar's Chourico Franks 1 lb.
Gaspar's Chourico Hot-Regular 1 lb.
Gaspar's Chourico Lovers Gift Pack
Gaspar's Chourico Recipes
Gaspar's Chourico Slices 1 lb
Gaspar's Easy To Prepare Linguica and Chourico Suggestions
Gaspar's Essentials Gift Pack
Gaspar's Extra-HOT Chourico 1 lb.
Gaspar's Family Feast
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Gaspar's Ground Chourico 1 lb.
Gaspar's Ground Linguica 1 lb.
Gaspar's Kielbasa 1 lb.
Gaspar's Linguica Flavored Loaf 5 lbs.
Gaspar's Linguica Franks 1 lb.
Gaspar's Linguica Lovers Gift Pack
Gaspar's Linguica Omelette
Gaspar's Linguica Recipes
Gaspar's Linguica Slices 1 lb.
Gaspar's Marinated Meat Spice Mix 8 oz.
Gaspar's Mild Chourico 1 lb.
Gaspar's Regular Linguica 1 lb.
Gaspar's Sampler
Gaspar's Starter Kit
Gaspar's Turkey Chourico 1 lb.
Gaspar's Turkey Chourico Franks 1 lb.
Gaspar's Turkey Linguica 1 lb.
Gaspar's Turkey Linguica Franks 1 lb.
Gaspar's Turkey Lovers Gift Pack
Gold Medal Hot Dog Rolls, Sliced 18 oz. (New England Style)
Gonsalves Assafroa Pure Safflower 1/2 oz.
Gonsalves Salted Codfish "Bacalhau Sem Espinha" 1 lb.
Gonsalves Temperos Minha Moda (Special Spice Blend) 8 oz.
Gonsalves Temperos para Carne no Espeto (Shish-Kabob Seasoning Mix) 10 oz.
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Pasta Piselle Con Linguica
Portuguese Chourico Stew
Portuguese Style Meat Balls
Portuguese Sweetbread 13 oz.
Portuguese Sweetbread Rolls 13 oz. (6 per Package)
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Raisin Bolos Levedos Portuguese Muffins 14 oz.
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Saint George Cheese Topo Queijo S Jorge 1 lb.
Sharrock's British Style Crumpets (6-Packages)
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Sliced Portuguese Sweetbread 13 oz.
String Bean & Linguica Soup
Sweetbread French Toast Loaf, Sliced 13 oz.
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Temperos Portugueses Portuguese AllSpice 1/2 oz.
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The Great Gaspar
Turkey Sausage
Vieira Lisa Cores Sugar Almonds 3-Pack