Covid Impacts

A Note To Our Customers Regarding The Impact Of Covid - 19:

Dear Gaspar's Fans,

    The Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting our lives in many ways. We write today to inform you about the impact it is having on our business and ask for your cooperation and understanding as we navigate through these challenges.  At the moment we find ourselves dealing with two distinct challenges:

1. Rising Costs of Raw Materials:
    As a result of the pandemic, the cost of raw materials has suddenly and drastically increased. As a result we have been forced to increase our prices. effective immediately, the sale price of most meats will be increased to $8.25/lb.

2. Challenges With Shipping Carriers:
    We have both good and bad news on this front. First of all, we have been working with our shipping carriers to provide you with the most competitive rates possible. This year, we have made the decision to keep our winter shipping rates in place year round. Now that the cooler weather is back, we are shipping our meats to arrive in three buisiness days or less.
    The challenge we are currently facing is that shipping carriers are just overwhelmed with package volume at the moment. As a result we have seen some unexpected shipping delays. Packages that should have taken 2 days are sometimes taking 3 or more. We are working closely with our carriers to avoid these in-transit delays but this means that it may take longer than normal for your package to leave our facility as we want to give our perishable shipments to the carrier on a day when the risk of in-transit delays is lowest. We just ask for your understanding and patience as we work to deliver your order in the best condition possible.


            If Your Order is Delayed While In Transit: We ship our meats frozen, in insulated boxes, with ice packs. Although we ship to arrive in 3 business days, the package is designed to last up to 4 days in most conditions. If your package is delayed in transit and arrives in 4 days instead of 3 days, the product should still be perfectly fine even if it arrives just slightly cool or at room temperature. However, if you have any concerns, or your order is in transit for more than 4 days, please email us at or call and leave a message at 1-866-646-4266 and we will return your call. As you would do under normal circumstances, please refrigerate or freeze immediately upon arrival, and heat thoroughly when enjoying!


In Summary:
    We have frequently heard and love it when customers tell us that Gaspar's meats are bringing comfort and a little joy during these difficult times. Please know that now, more than ever, our team here at remains committed to serving you - our valued and loyal customers. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued support of!

 -The Team at