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You don't have to be Portuguese to love Linguica and Chourico. Thousands of food lovers of all ethnic backgrounds have also learned to treasure these smoky, zesty flavored sausages and the numbers keep growing steadily.
LINGUICA: Similar to kielbasa but with its own unique flavor, Linguica (pronounced lin-gwee-sah) is a mild pork sausage still manufactured according to an old Portuguese recipe. It is a fine blend of lean pork with a mixture of such basic spices as vinegar, salt, paprika and garlic. Stuffed into a natural casing, Linguica is then smoked until the special flavor and federally required temperatures are reached. Gaspar's Linguica comes in many shapes and sizes. The Linguica franks and patties are great on the grill, and the Bite Size cocktail franks make a great appetizer. It even comes ground which makes a great pizza topping!
CHOURICO: Made from the same good meats as Linguica, Chourico (pronounced shoor-reese) has a heartier spiced flavor. Its main difference from Linguica is that it is a hot sausage whereas Linguica is mild. Gaspar's Chourico is available in mild, regular and extra hot versions and the regular is available as round patties, franks, and ground in addition to the traditional sausage shape!

TURKEY LINGUICA & CHOURICO: For those looking for a low fat option without sacrificing the classic flavor, Gaspar's also makes Turkey Linguica & Chourico. containing low fat turkey meat instead of pork!
ANDOUILLE, KIELBASA, SALPICAO & MORE: Gaspar's is more than just Linguica and Chourico. we make some other great sausage products as well! Our other offerings include Andouille, Kielbasa, Salpicao, Chourizos and Morcela. (available seasonally) 
GIFT PACKS: If you are looking to try a variety of our products or would like to send a great gift to a friend or relative please take a look at our pre-selected gift packs combining the most popular varieties of products! (Available ONLINE only)